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Energy Saving Cable Solutions
Call now: +92 (213) 221-5071
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Crescent Cables is the project of Crown Electric Company established in 1958. Crescent Cable Industries are the manufacturers of Low and Medium voltage PVC insulated armored and unarmored Power Cables, besides XLPE Low and Medium voltage alongside the XLPE HV Cables.

Our workers are equipped with adequate testing facilities and very vigilant check for quality which is maintained throughout the production process. It is managed by highly skilled, qualified and experienced personnel.

Crescent Cables is approved by all buying agencies in the country and is used in industrial and domestic installations.

Crescent Cables is the first company in Pakistan to introduce cables that save energy. Our cables are made with 99.99% pure copper, imported PVC and guarantee 100% conductivity.

Cables used for wiring have copper strands inside them through which the electricity flows. If the conductivity of the copper is not 100%, the flow faces resistance causing wastage of electricity. THIS WASTAGE GETS BILLED! The structure of our cables allows electricity to flow smoothly through the wires without any resistance. Some cable companies in Pakistan offer cheap cables that are made with low grade material. The result is low conductivity and high resistance causing current leakages, increased power bills and risk of damage to health and property. Crescent Cables alleviates all these problems and offers VALUE RETURN to its customers in short and long term.
"Our biggest challenge is to make people aware of high quality cables. By providing uncompromising quality to our consumers, we intend to make Crescent Cables the #1 Pakistani Cable manufacturers on a national scale, and on the international platform as well."
Crescent Cables offers a wide range of cables to match your needs. Our product line includes: general wiring, shielded multi-core flexible cables, power cables, control/flexible multi-core cables, telephone cables, special cables, automobile cables, and computer cables (UTP, STP). more...
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